Autumn flowers

November 17, 2009

At this time of year there are few flowers in the garden – even though there still has not been a frost yet. So I bought some cheap chrysanthamums off the flower lady in town, and added berries from the berberis and cotoneaster in the garden, and autumn leaves from the Cornus ‘mid winter fire’. The Forsythia has lovely pale gree yellow leaves at the moment. It’s a summy day, between storms and there are lovely backlit yellow leaves in the garden. Will be sweeping the lawn later of the pink, apricot, orange, red cherry leaves.



November 15, 2009

Every week I put flowers on the table, and sit on the sofa look at them. This is a record of the flowers. Why? Because I think they look beautiful and want to record them. I grew the flowers on the header last summer. Maybe I’ll add something about the allotment too.